Occupational Health & Safety Management

Development of Occupational Safety & Health Management System:

Central theme of any organisation’s sustainability journey depends on how effectively it takes care of the most valuable assets in the organisation – people. A well-defined management system in line with International standards on occupational health and safety (ISO 45001) and social accountability (SA 8000) would strengthen the foundation of the enterprise value system. Chakra4 can support in developing as well as implementing systems for best-in-class safety performance. One of our strengths is the custom-made risk assessment and management protocol to integrate risk management into daily operational processes of the entity.

Developing sector specific safety standards:

General standards are always helpful in setting frameworks in developing systems/processes. Safety standards specific to the sector specific risks will help in effectively manage the risks and work towards best-in-class performance. In this context, Chakra4 can assist you in developing, implementing world-class standards such as UK HSE guides, OHSA standards, ILO requirements, etc. aligning with your enterprise specific risks.

Developing behaviour based safety initiatives:

Chakra4 has a well structured bespoke model for behaviour safety programmes for organisations, depending on their nature and activities. A structured culture assessment approach will be undertaken in two stages through a set of questions, small groups interviews across all shifts & all employee cadre and one to one interview of select management team members. A consolidated feedback based on the analysis of this assessment provides the baseline safety culture of the organisation. Implementation plan and strategies will be carved out in consultation with management based on baseline safety culture.

Implementation support is through series of workshops (class room and shop floors) and safe-unsafe behaviour observations and analysis of these behaviours to develop site specific interventions. Workshops are tailor made to meet the specific needs of the team such as workshops for leadership team, champions team, engagement team, etc. Our approach is to develop internal capabilities and create a culture of change and ensure sustenance through intermittent dip stick assessment & management interactions. The objective is to support management in adopting SAFETY as a value-based system and making it integral part of management practices.

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