Corporate Sustainability

Corporate sustainability strategies, policies and implementation:

Assess the current sustainability challenges of the organisation and create sustainable strategies considering the stakeholders needs and expectations which would help them in positioning on a long-term sustainable path. Creating a road map to achieve your sustainability strategies through well-defined policies and plans aligning with international protocols, but rooted in local context will be a part of implementation support. Our bespoke interventions can not only create integrated approach but also support in implementation.

Sustainability Performance Monitoring System:

A well-developed performance monitoring and management is critical to evaluate the success of your strategies and plans. A digitalised platform for a real-life analysis for decision-making at top management level is vital for your sustainability journey. Chakra4 can support in building an integrated performance management system covering environment, safety, social and governance spheres.

Disclosures on Sustainability performance :
It is imperative to disclose your performance to stakeholders to demonstrate your sustainability credentials. We can create a sustainability performance report in accordance with globally reputed reporting protocols / frameworks such as Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). An integrated performance report meeting multiple stakeholders’ need or company specific requirements is the way forward. In addition, specific reporting requirements in line with international organisations CDP requirements such as climate change, water, etc.

Business Responsibility Reporting :
Expertise in developing business responsibility reporting to meet your commitments to comply with Regulations. Developing a Best-in-class business responsibility framework and linking with the business reporting principles promoted by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India.

Integrated Reporting :

Principle of Integrated reporting is that sustainable development requires a balance between economic progress, environmental protection and social advances. Integrated reporting captures the full contribution of all capitals for business performance, which is six forms of capital: Natural, social and relationship, human, intellectual, manufactured and financial. These are essential for creating long term value in a business.

Integrated thinking and performance reporting should be the way forward for the enterprise of tomorrow. Chakra4 can help you in creating an integrated framework aligning your business/customer requirements, other reporting requirements such as CDP, GRI, sectoral reporting etc. which can meet all stakeholder needs.

Sustainable Supply chain :
In Today’s world, organisations are highly depending upon a large section of supply chain for both raw material acquisition as well as product distribution. Globally, organisations with significant supply chain members are questioned about their sustainability credentials in their entire value chain. A socially compliant green supply chain is one of the critical elements in your journey to create a future-ready organisation. We, at Chakra4, adopt a risk based approach in developing guidelines meeting international best practices for sustainable practices across supply chain.