Desika PrabakarAssociate Consultant– Environment and Sustainability

Desika Prabakar is a techno-commercial professional in the sustainability domain. She brings to the table diversified expertise of over 5 years as a lead researcher and project manager in several national and international environmental projects under prestigious Universities such as the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, National University of Singapore, and corporates like Tata Steel.

Her background as an industrial biotechnologist combined with her passion for green led her to develop scaled-up technologies such as enzyme-infused additives for degradation of petrochemical plastics, nano-additives infused bioplastics, sustainable effluent treatment membranes, and hygiene products from waste sources.As a technical content writer, she has published various articles on sustainability in top peer-reviewed journals.

Areas of Expertise:

Research and Development of sustainable technologies such as Waste to Value conversion, Closed-loop recycling, Carbon capture/ Carbon neutral methodologies, and Sustainable production strategies

Sector Expertise:

Bioplastics, Plastics recycling/upcycling technologies